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Roche Visitor Center

In the Roche Diagnostics Visitor Center, visitors have the opportunity to get to know the areas of activity, the brand world and the people behind it.

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    Milla & Partner

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    Roche Diagnostics International

"What we do" highlights the work of the company from six different perspectives: from the Global Franchise Manager, the software developer to the trainee, personally and individually on a large monitor in the form of short films.

Blick in den Showroom

View of the showroom

As part of the project, we designed and developed several interactive media tables that shed light on various Roche topics. At "Who we are", visitors are given a comprehensive insight into the world of Roche Diagnostics.

Almost life-size person on portrait-format screen

"What we do": The employees of Roche explain their field of work personally and interactively.

Humans interact with a digital exhibit

An interactive timeline conveys the company's history in a playful way. Visitors can select and explore various information points from four subject areas.

years of company history
User Interface
User Interface in interaction

The interface is designed as a data cloud in which visitors can explore the company history.

We designed and implemented three interactive installations for the Roche Diagnostics Visitor Center. The centerpiece is the "Who we are" station, a dynamic, interactive information system that allows visitors to explore the entire portfolio and history of Roche Diagnostics. The CMS we set up enables Roche to expand the exhibit with future content.