[17K GmbH]

About us

We are a design studio for interaction and creative technologies.

[What we do]

We design interactive and haptic experiences

We design and create exhibits that are intuitive to use and convey content in a playful way. Whether at exhibitions, trade fairs or showrooms: active action improves the communication of information.

We bring ideas to life

We help you to make your product idea tangible with a prototype, adapt it to the user, check its technical feasibility and resolve usage problems early on in the process.

We combine concept, design and technology

As designers with many years of experience in working with interactive technologies, we are the ideal partner for well thought-out, user-centered and interactive design solutions.

[We are]

Conceptual designers

As a team, we cover the entire development process: ranging from strategy development, user analysis, conception and evaluation to design implementation, programming and local support.

Fans of technology

Over the years, we have added technical skills to our design expertise. Our motto is: We design with technology, not for it.

Explorers & inventors

As designers, we make ideas visually or haptically tangible. We are not only providing advice, but also love to tinker ourselves


  • Andreas Brendle

    Andreas Brendle

    Managing Partner & Creative Technologist

  • Daniel Friedenberger

    Daniel Friedenberger

    Managing Partner & Lead 3D-Designer

  • Stefan Kraiss

    Stefan Kraiss

    Managing Partner & Creative Technologist

  • Ulrich Lang

    Ulrich Lang

    Managing Partner & Kommunikation

  • Vanessa Kammerbauer

    Vanessa Kammerbauer

    Visual & Strategic Designer

  • Dominik Herrmann

    Dominik Herrmann

    Junior Designer & Developer

  • Katharina Neugart

    Katharina Neugart

    Junior Designer & Developer

  • Michael Klement

    Michael Klement

    Principal Software Engineer & Full Stack Developer

  • Charlen Winter

    Charlen Winter

    Junior Designer

We also have a great network of experts and specialized freelancers


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