[2014] Projects > International MINI Dealer Experience Madrid

International MINI Dealer Experience Madrid

A captivating and immersive fusion of the real and virtual worlds.

  • Customer

    Visual Drugstore

  • Client

    BMW AG / Mini

Responsibilities / Tasks

The project was the presentation of the John Cooper Works MINI model at the International MINI Dealer Experience 2014 in Madrid. We built a software for Visual Drugstore that allowed us to adjust the image content to be projected in 3D space on the stage and the car in real time and set up the show on site.

The combination of dynamic projections and real objects required an extraordinarily high degree of accuracy: the stage, the real car and 10 projectors were calibrated using a special 3D laser so that the virtual image of the scenery in the software exactly matched the reality.

Mini stands in front of a projected highway
Mini with typography in the background
Mini stands in front of a projected city scene

Even the reflection of the virtual environment is drawn directly onto the car using projectors, generating a highly realistic overall image.