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Snowflake christmas cards 2014

Generatively designed Christmas cards for our customers and project partners.

    Responsibilities / Tasks

    Smart data visualizations and generative design are important to us - just like the contact with our customers and partners. And since every customer, partner and project is special, we wanted to show the uniqueness of the relationships through individualized snowflakes on our Christmas cards.

    Close-up of the snowflake
    Overview of snowflake cards

    The direction of the arrowheads indicates whether the emails went to us (out) or came from us (in). Each e-mail was also analyzed for its data volume. The larger the email, the longer the arrowheads. We copied and rotated the resulting timelines several times to obtain the unique, generative data visualizations in the form of snowflakes. An animation of the snowflakes can be found here: https://17k.de/greetings/?to=you