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The Next Big Fish

Inspired by the idea of creating a connection between the virtual and the physical world, we wanted to find new ways to do so in a playful and entertaining way.

Fusion of the real and the virtual world

The Push Conference 2019 provided us with a framework to explore this topic in more detail. We developed a mixed reality prototype that blurs the boundaries between the two worlds. Tailored to the needs of a conference, we literally let the participants fish for new contacts.

Printer prints contact information
Bucket from inside the virtual world
Person fishing with VR goggles and VR fishing rod

Equipped with Magic Leap VR glasses and a modified controller that served as a fishing rod, conference participants were able to fish for new contacts in an animated pond. If participants kept the contact they had caught, they could throw the fish into a bucket so that the contact details were printed out immediately.

Fish in the pond
Contact Details

All participants who wanted to expand their own network were able to enter their contact details, which were then added to the swarm as an individual fish avatar. The individual shape and color of the fish provided information about the respective professional category of the people behind them: For example, recruiter, manager, developer or student.

leaflet close up
impressions of the stand design
Person wearing Magic Leap goggles and holding a virtual fish