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Lufthansa Roadshow

The Lufthansa Roadshow was designed as a journey of discovery for Lufthansa employees. The goal was getting to know the brand better and internalizing it in an entertaining way.

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Person takes a boarding pass

After creating a smart boarding pass, employees were able to learn new things and get active themselves at eight stations.

At the stations, visitors can read information and solve tasks that playfully convey content about the Lufthansa brand world.

interactive stations
brand puzzle in action
configuration of a female avatar
configuration of a male avatar
different selfie-Prints

At the selfie station, Lufthansa employees created their own personalized avatar that reacted to facial expressions and gestures. The avatar could also be placed in various scenes and be taken home.

close up of the Reis-o-mat

At the end of the voyage of discovery, the boarding pass could be exchanged for a small gift at the "Reis-o-mat". The more tasks solved, the higher the value of the gift.