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PwC Experience Center

Programming the software and network structure for the PwC Experience Center, an 800 square meter interactive meeting center and future lab in Frankfurt.

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    CPP Studios

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Presentation screen
Presentation screen

We created a software and network structure to dynamically edit content in real time and play it on the numerous monitors and video walls. In this way, the rooms of the Experience Center can be linked digitally and smartly across rooms in conferences and workshops.

Different screens
PWC tunnel in interaction

A reactive tunnel encourages the user to interact.

The editing of the templates can be flexibly and individually adapted. In addition to content such as RSS feeds, current flight times or even a generative party mode, there are templates for the use of different media. The content can be timed or looped via a timeline. In addition to the programming, we were also responsible for the design of the numerous multimodal templates and generative backgrounds.

different templates
PWC tunnel with typography