[2018] Projects > Porsche Concept Car of the Mission E Cross Turismo

Porsche Concept Car of the Mission E Cross Turismo

The Mission E Cross Turismo concept car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018. We supported the Porsche team with the control and animation design of all LEDs in the vehicle.

  • Client

    Porsche AG

All LED lamps and strip lights installed in the vehicle are connected to a system that can communicate with the individual components. This allows different scenarios to be created in which the lighting, animation speed and color or color temperature adapt to the respective mode. A total of over 30 different channels, each with up to 100 individual LEDs, can be controlled.

controllable LEDs
Detailed view of the door lighting
Interior of the E Cross Tourismo

When the car is charging, the charging animation at the rear, which is modeled on a circuit board, pulsates. There are scenarios for the interior lighting, such as sport, highway or a night mode. These can be selected by the driver. In addition, information displays such as climate visualizations and blinker animations appear in the door panels. The special feature of these door panels is the three-dimensional texture of the deep-drawn leather. It is indirectly illuminated by the LED strips fitted in the door handles.

We had the chance to work on the 2021 and 2023 show cars as well.