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Marmara Park

On behalf of the company M3Vision, we were responsible for the conception, design and installation of an augmented reality exhibit.

  • Client

    M3Vision GmbH

There are over 100 large shopping centers in Istanbul. To set themselves apart from the competition, the operators are offering their customers ever more spectacular attractions. Inside the building is a four-storey rocket with interactive attractions.

View of the installation in a shopping center in Istanbul

The theme of Marmara Park, which opened at the end of 2012, is "Space". Inside is a four-storey rocket with interactive attractions.

Person using the alien helmet
Several people are standing in front of the screen

The exhibit consists of a 70-inch rear projection screen hanging freely in the room. On this screen, users see themselves within a virtual cockpit. When they put on a headband imprinted with markers, it is captured by a camera. A three-dimensional astronaut helmet, an alien head or a robot head is then placed in the projection in place of the head and moves in the same way as the head.

Child wearing virtual astronaut helmet