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KTM Motohall

In collaboration with Atelier Brückner, we designed and developed more than 20 interactive installations for the newly opened company museum of the motorcycle manufacturer KTM. The spectrum of presentation formats ranges from 3D elements, film & sound to generative visual worlds.

KTM Motohall is a captivating mixture of showroom, company museum and interactive experience parcour. In addition to the detailed conception and design of the individual media, we were responsible for the entire programming and implementation of the interactive stations.

To make the exhibition exciting for visitors of all ages, there are several playful stations. We designed these entirely, from the concept of the games to interface design and programming.

Interactive driving assistance

For the interactive driving assistance, the projection mapping, screen displays and dynamic light bands were integrated for an immersive, holistic experience. In this way, individual values from the motorcycle's sensors can be visualized in different driving situations.

Interactive and individual exhibits
White model of motorcycle with front projection and small screens

Screens, projection mapping and light installations intertwine immersively in the driving assistance system.

Children's exhibit
Children's exhibit with an imaginatively designed motorcycle

Company table

At the "company table" you can take a short journey through the history of KTM. On a dynamic map, changes and expansions - for example of the production sites - are visualized over time.

Kids rally stations
the company table

The "company table" presents the history of KTM interactively.

Motorcycle model molded in clay
Individual motorcycle parts float in the air and are backed by a video