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Dialogue Social Enterprise Innoklusio

Innoklusio is a traveling exhibition that draws attention to the topic of inclusion in the working environment at various company locations.

  • Customer

    Dialogue Social Enterprise

  • Client

    Atelier Brückner GmbH

In collaboration with the design studio 2av, we implemented eight barrier-free stations for a total of five main topics. The design and technological spectrum ranges from analog media and touchscreen applications to eye-tracking controlled exhibits. What all the modules have in common is that they not only convey the topic in a tangible way, but also have an educational and explanatory function.

The "Feeling of exclusion" station uses an interactive game to convey what it feels like to be excluded. Users first create a profile of themselves. Next, they vote for the profiles of other people with the intention of finding a group for themselves. However, this does not happen. The users are excluded.


In the themed area "What stands in our way", visitors are made aware of the problems faced by people with disabilities. With the help of illustrated cards, visitors can put themselves in the shoes of various people and the obstacles they face in everyday life at the "Everyday Hurdles" station.

Character cards
Character cards

The "Can we talk?" station contains several interactive exhibits. At "Let your hands speak" visitors can use illustrations to converse in sign language.

Hand gestures

A video and two audio stations as well as a buzzer game provide information on suitable terms for describing people with disabilities. The application "Is it okay to say" is an entertaining game that shows whether it is okay to use this or that formulation. The users buzz when the individual terms appear to prevent them from reaching the other person ... or not. This is followed by an evaluation and explanation.

UI feedback, if the term is suitable