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Herrenknecht BAUMA 2019 / 2022

Realization of ten interactive exhibits for the fair booth of Herrenknecht-AG at BAUMA.

  • Customer

    Design Hoch Drei GmbH & Co. KG

  • Client

    Herrenknecht AG

Visitors can playfully experience Herrenknecht's projects and product selection through graphically presented and animated information.

##Media Wall
The interactive "Media Wall" allows users to explore over 500 different Herrenknecht AG projects.

For BAUMA 2022, we have improved the existing media wall even further: the latest touchscreens show a more extensive repertoire of projects in greater detail. Selected slogans are displayed across all screens to create an attractive long-distance effect.

Media wall with full-format photos
Mediawall overview
People interact with the product portfolio

The interactive product portfolio encourages visitors to browse.

Product Portfolio

The "Product Portfolio" station presents the entire product range of Herrenknecht AG. Visitors can view and compare product information. The 3D presentation with full-screen savers creates an interesting long-distance effect that invites visitors to explore the products up close.

Safer Operations

This interactive table is all about safety in tunnel construction. Each individual 3D world has been set up individually and contains many information points where visitors can view in-depth information.

Safer Operations: Users can immerse themselves in the depths of tunnel construction using five 3D worlds.

Group Brand Screen

The variety of different services and the corporate structure of Herrenknecht AG and all its subsidiaries are brought to life on the interactive screen.

stand details
stand details

Faster Table

How fast are the new tunnel boring machines from Herrenknecht AG compared to other machines? The interactive table uses a configurator to show this. Users select the length of the tunnel, the diameter and the segment length. The subsequent animation illustrates the corresponding performance and time savings.

Smoother Mission: Service, E-Shop, E-Maintenance

Further services of the Herrenknecht Group are shown by various graphical or animated touchscreen applications.

Round screen as a tunnel drill on the exhibition stand