[2019] Projects > Haier Cosmoplat

Haier Cosmoplat

Comprehensive, multimedia trade fair presentation by Haier at the Hannover Messe.

  • Customer

    Display International Schwendinger GmbH & Co. KG

  • Client

    Haier GmbH

Exhibition stand with illuminated cubes

For Haier's trade fair appearance, we designed, programmed and implemented the entire interactive media design. The setup consisted of over 50 monitors, which were played by 20 computers, as well as an installation of 130 LED cubes.

A reactive real-time visualization was used for the individual components. The visualization was designed as a global 3D orbit. All monitors showed the same content simultaneously from the corresponding perspective of their physical location. The LED cubes attached to the ceiling were also integrated into the staging. This created a dynamic overall picture in which the entire trade fair stand was perceived as a homogeneous unit.

synchronized LED cubes
Detailed view of the 3D cubes
Exhibition stand with illuminated cubes
Haier fair stand detail

Visitors could also call up information and content on the touchscreens. These could be maintained individually by the customer via a content management system.