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Dialogue with Time

"Everyone wants to grow old, but no one wants to be". But what does it really mean to age? The exhibition "Dialogue with Time" explored this question in an integrative way.

  • Customer

    Atelier Brückner GmbH

  • Client

    Dialog im Dunkeln e.V.

We realized the implementation and design of six interactive media stations for the exhibition. The spectrum ranged from playfully making physical and mental limitations in old age tangible to room-filling interactive data visualization.

Interface of the game "Super Grandpa"
A person is playing the game "Super Grandpa"

The input video game "Super Grandpa" is artificially provided with a subtle artificial delay. A further limitation is that users have to operate the controller with gloves. This vividly illustrates the decreasing abilities and speed in perceiving and processing information with age.

In the "telephone game", visitors were asked to call a hotline to order two tickets for a visit to the cinema. The task was made more difficult by the fact that the announcement on the phone kept getting louder and quieter.

Three people play the pill game
Close-up of the pill game

In the "pill game", the task was to sort pills into a pill box according to an audio instruction. However, the speed and complexity of the announcement was so high that it was almost impossible to sort all the pills correctly.

interactive media stations

Survey results of the visitor groups were created as room-filling, interactive data visualizations in real time.

pink room

"Dialogue with Time" was shown as a traveling exhibition in Germany and in other international exhibition venues such as Bern, Holon, Singapore and Sao Paolo.