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Deutsche Bahn Strategy Room

A projection in complex space with space for complex projections.

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Responsibilities / Tasks

As part of the permanent exhibition "Setting the course for the future" at the Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nuremberg, we were involved in the realization of the "strategy room". The future development of the DB Group is explained by video overlays, playful data graphics and striking textual information. To this end, we developed a software system that deliberately incorporates the spatial structures.

An expansive video installation awaits visitors in the "Strategy Room".

Video data can be arranged and distorted in the room so that it is projected onto a complex geometry using eleven projectors. In addition, an iPad app allows the individual surfaces of the projection to be adapted to the existing surfaces in the room in real time.

projected type
projected type

A user-friendly control view ensures simple handling and fast error analysis of the complex system.

Network-synchronized PCs

Precisely projected display of the exhibition space