[2016] Projects > Prototype study: Collaboration between realities

Prototype study: Collaboration between realities

Virtual reality and the real world: walking hand in hand through two different realms.

How can the content of VR and real reality be interwoven better?
How does mutual communication from these worlds take place? What possibilities does this open up in exhibition or trade fair scenarios?

Two exhibits were developed for the PUSH conference whose concepts are based on a collaboration between two users. While one user is in the virtual space, a second user communicates and interacts with the other person from the outside.

One person wears VR glasses, the other person stands in front of a screen

Players can interact with each other beyond the boundaries of the virtual space.

Concept 1: Collaborative labyrinth

While a user is looking for the exit in a VR maze, another user can help from the outside. A physical game board helps the person in the outside world to keep an eye on all the paths of the maze, move them and thus influence them.

Concept sketch of the labyrinth

The person moving in the virtual space is supported by the person on the outside to achieve their goal.

VR labyrinth
labyrinth as cards

Concept 2: Communication between worlds

Another example is a typographic wall installation that enables both users to communicate with each other. Using hand gestures, different letters can be selected that light up in the respective other world. This creates an alternative form of communication.

Concept sketch

Concept for an transcendent form of communication: The person in the virtual space and the person in the real space can exchange messages.

Person holds a hand to a letter
A letter lights up in the virtual world