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Kesselhaus configurator

Interactive trade fair exhibit where visitors can combine the manufacturer's individual products in an explorative way and inform themselves about their efficiency.

  • Customer

    DAS ATELIER Kommunikation & Design

  • Client

    Bosch Industriekessel GmbH

How much money and CO₂ can be saved with modules for industrial boilers? The answer to this question can be found out at two interactive exhibition tables. We developed these specifically for Bosch Industriekessel GmbH in collaboration with Das Atelier and Gold Entwicklung.

Austauschbare BlöInterchangeable blocks are displayed on a chart on the exhibition table

The exhibition tables consist of a graphic diagram into which labeled glass blocks can be inserted.

Each glass block represents an optimum module and only fits into a specific position in the diagram due to magnetic coding. If a block finds its correct position, it lights up brightly and a data graphic appears. This displays the effects of the respective module. Several modules can be used simultaneously. Animated lines illustrate the flow direction of steam or water.

Close-up of the trade fair table
Close-up of the trade fair table
People stand around the exhibition table and interact with it

The trade fair tables increased the number of visitors by 40%. Furthermore, an extraordinarily high proportion of qualified leads was generated. According to the customer, it was a "clear trade fair highlight".

Interface of the industrial boiler app
Haptic buttons in the detailed view

The success of the exhibits led to the desire for another interactive tool for direct communication with customers. In order to illustrate individual setting options in sales talks, a separate application was developed based on the needs and requirements and tested at the trade fair. This is now used worldwide and is constantly being developed further.