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BayWa showroom

For BayWa AG's new showroom, we realized an interactive installation that allows visitors to experience BayWa's entire product portfolio.

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    MUTABOR Design GmbH

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The showroom consists of an interactive table, a monitor wall and a light installation that form a synchronized interplay to create a holistic experience.

On a 3×3 monitor wall, users can choose a target on the map where the desired content will be displayed. In addition, the room lighting is adapted to the dynamic content so that a homogeneous light image contributes to the overall experience.

information areas
whiteworld rendering
whiteworld rendering
Person interacts with the exhibit
Detailed view of the screen

Visitors can explore facts and figures about BayWa AG on the interactive table. The content is shown simultaneously on the monitor wall, making it accessible to groups as well.

The content is presented interactively through 360° views, videos, images and animated data.