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"AVAOS" is a prototype concept of a modular driver infotainment system.

  • Client

    HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

A university degree project from 2011 and now more relevant than ever: cars are becoming increasingly connected. Drivers expect the infotainment system to offer the same functionality as a smartphone. This is where Avaos comes in. Avaos gives a perspective on how the in-car operation of different content might look like.

The special feature of the concept is the multi-touch pad with haptic feedback. The tactile surface grid enables optimum operation of the software, which was specially designed and developed for this purpose. All interactions except for text input by simply writing letters are designed for this grid. Whether you are switching between buttons, scrolling through lists or switching between apps. This means that the system can be operated without having to look at the screen while controlling it. The screen can also be better positioned in the driver's field of vision.

A working prototype was important for the project, as this is the only way to test and evaluate the system. The hardware was developed specifically for this purpose and all apps have a basic range of functions on the software side. Apps have now found their way into almost all new cars. However, haptic feedback is missing in most cases.