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Astro Table

The interactive installation “Astrotable“ conveys Kepler‘s laws in an intuitive way.

  • Client

    HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Our solar system is dynamically displayed on a circular rear projection surface. A "puck" representing the sun rotates in the center of the table. With the help of this puck, users can interact with the system.

Astrotable and puck

The different laws can be called up by swapping the "pucks". If they are swapped, the solar system fades out. An abstract, dynamic information level appears, which is supplemented by an audio commentary. The user can change the rotational speed of the puck and the animation by accelerating or decelerating as required. It is this interactive form of information transfer that makes the dynamic factors of Kepler's laws truly tangible. In addition, many other interplanetary laws could be made accessible through this exhibit.