Creating tangible realities

With 3D real-time environments, we can immerse ourselves in new worlds, get an overview from a bird's eye view or visit places that would otherwise be inaccessible.


Exploration in realtime

Anything is possible in self-designed worlds.They allow us to convey content that is invisible or difficult to grasp. An immersive, three-dimensional presentation is able to convey facts in an expressive and high-quality way.

As a real-time application, there are many further possibilities. As the world is created and displayed dynamically, smooth transitions are possible - visitors can move around the world, interact with objects and zoom in and out. External data such as the weather or time of day can also be integrated into the world in real time, as can the actions of other visitors.

Impressive knowledge transfer

When conveying content, it is crucial that we can adopt a wide variety of perspectives.We can create an overview, but also delve deep into the details.

Especially when communicating complex topics such as climate change, excavation sites or migration flows, it is an advantage to provide users with this range of experience.

A city crisscrossed by rivers
City under water

Corporate communication

At trade fairs or in your own showroom — companies benefit from interactive maps on which they can present themselves externally or internally.

In a 3D world, it is possible to present relevant information in a comprehensible way, explain production processes or convey special circumstances such as the development of the company location in an immersive manner.

The company history of KTM becomes visible

[Technologische Symbiose]

Grenzenlose Möglichkeiten

In combination with other technologies, there are numerous design possibilities. Whether as a projection, with VR or AR glasses or as part of a room-filling installation — the application possibilities are almost endless.

Room-filling installation

A large stage for impressive productions: With 3D Realtime, we create atmosphere and bring rooms to life through large-scale projection mapping.

Augmented reality

Enhancing real objects with additional information or making their inner life visible — augmented reality makes it possible to perfectly merge the digital with the real world.

Virtual Reality

Some things only become comprehensible from the right perspective. Virtual reality allows visitors to completely immerse themselves in another world.

[Visuelle Flexibiltät]

Anpassung an Ihre Bedürfnisse

Different levels of detail

Thanks to the flexible framework conditions, a wide variety of aesthetics can be achieved: from a highly abstracted white world to a photorealistic scene.

Dynamic adjustment

Want more hills or trees? The display can be adapted to requirements and even offers direct intervention options for the user.

Live data visualization

Real-time data is visually translated directly on the exhibit.

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